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Peacekeeping Stability Operations Institute

The US Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) promotes the collaborative development and integration of Peace and Stability capabilities across the US government and the international community. PKSOI achieves its mission by facilitating information sharing, coordination, and integration among the US military, USG civilian agencies, IOs, multinational partners, and NBOs in 5 broad areas:

  • Collect, evaluate, and disseminate lessons learned
  • Inform/support stability and peace operations policy development
  • Develop and review stability and peace operations concepts and doctrine
  • Develop and review civilian and military training and education programs
  • Advise civilian/military in developing requirements and capabilities to plan, prepare , and execute Peace & Stability Operations

GCD consultants were commissioned and project managed the publication series (GCD proposed): “Addressing Fragile States: Institution Building”. We leverage our academic social networks in order to coordinate a cross disciplinary identification & contracting of international scholars in the fields of economics, urban planning, human development, post-war zone psychology and reconciliation.

Public School District Systems Transformation

GCD was tasked , 2016-2018,with developing a district-wide project management and monitoring system to facilitate the Superintendent’s oversight of district initiative goals. Based upon a meta-analysis investigation of the best practices of national high-performing school district outliers, we identified gaps in the district’s continuous improvement model, developed and piloted a model for systems-transformation. Many of the research outcomes were further affirmed through the efficiency study report for the district’s Teaching & Learning Division.  Our advanced racial equity impact analysis skills supported allowed us to identify numerous systemic gaps such as the lack of alignment in the district’s ecosystem of equity across policy, resource allocation, staff capacity & professional learning and organizational practices. A significant portion of the early research conducted and shared with leadership was utilized in the development of the district’s Excellence Strategic Plan 2019-2024. Within the first four months of contracting, GCD secured over $1 Million to fund the pilot of a proposed 24/7 learning management system for the district’s educators. The executive leadership team yet uses many of the processes and tools developed and deployed.

Research Advocacy

The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) works to improve the lives of low-income and working class Texas families through community organizing, and civic and electoral engagement. TOP is a membership-based organization that conducts direct action organizing, grassroots lobbying and electoral organizing led by working families in Texas. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we worked with GCD consultants to gather critical data points pertaining to housing and community quality (e.g. absentee landlords, housing grades, housing compliance etc.) in order to inform the housing recommendations enclosed in the Houston Housing Equity Alliance report. The report 1) informed the local housing campaign strategies and 2)were the foundational principles advocated to the Mayor of Houston in spending allocation priorities, utilizing federal funds, in order to ensure an equitable recovery of housing stability for low income working residents.

Community Development Strategic Planning

GCD is unwavering in our commitment to distressed communities, and inclusion of residents who are primarily historically marginalized people. As a result, we have been contracted for several projects to support community development and stabilization. We have prioritized deploying our services to communities reflecting the following conditions and health outcomes: food deserts, food swamps, concentrated poverty, diminished health outcomes (e.g. lower life expectancy, chronic illness,high infant mortality rate etc.) and high rates of unemployment. GCD has supported Historic Stop Six Initiative (HSSI) in Fort Worth, Texas, home to many of the first exceptional leaders among the African American Fort Worth community. However, this history of formidable leadership has been undermined by redlining, lack of investment in infrastructure and absence of fundamental resources. The community has experienced decay and massive out-migration of skilled labor. GCD’s supported HSSI’s mission by: framing a “healthy community” paradigm as a human right and regeneration of the community through investments in people; transformation of spatial redevelopment to not focus solely on the aesthetics of health, but a culture of health & wellbeing (e.g. elimination of food deserts and food swamps); and supported HSSI to secure $2.56 Million from the city’s budget to address the community’s needs.

Youth Community Hall Sessions

GCD was subcontracted for youth program design and contractual project management services to Enigma LLC. Enigma LLC was the successful bidder for the 2014 National Caucus for Black State Legislators (NCBSL) Conference held in Dallas-Fort Worth. GCD leveraged existing relationships to recruit more than 400 students, three week notice, to participate in a mock “Congress Day” designed to educate students about governmental decision making process, the impact on everyday life and encourage civic participation. The seminars were facilitated by volunteers. Title 1 schools received a donation from NCBSL to support the civic curriculum of participants.  GCD prioritized engaging federally designated DBE corporations. Thus, the management and selection of subcontractors (e.g. ground transportation, vendors selected, photography, catering etc.) also reflected our commitment to equity.


GCD researchers have been extended the opportunity to be presenters at the 5th World Conference on Remedies to Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality. Additionally, our analyses and frameworks are imbued with achieving equitable outcomes. Thus, all of our practices and tools are designed to assure improved outcomes, opportunities and quality of life for the most marginalized population. Our services have been rendered to the Peace Keeping Stability Operations Initiative (housed within the U.S. Army War College) to coordinate three publications inclusive of an 1) Economic development and long range planning in order to address problems of fragile states, 2) Metrics and tools to evaluate governance and legitimacy and 3) Reforming national public security, responsive government and civil society.

Alliance Building

GCD consultants developed a multi-sector partnership with a regional coalition of seven community based organizations into the Healthy and Housed Alliance to support a public health ecosystem that serves Opportunity Youth and systems impacted families with comprehensive services centered on mental wellness. By integrating basic resourcing of housing stability, food security, and health equity with academic enrichment, employment engagement, and youth or young adult (YYA) development, the Healthy and Housed Alliance community partners are able to provide near-term well-being with long-term prevention and provide resources to heal and disrupt intergenerational trauma.

Data & evaluation

Informatics driven strategies and approaches are a key tenet of all GCD consulting efforts. To support black and brown led local community partners to more effectively deploy their resources, GCD consultants secured and evaluated multiple publically available datasets of police bookings, youth prosecution, youth detention, family and student homelessness, evictions and many other contributing risk factors to identify patterns of community impact and “hotspots” of geographic density to inform program design, community investments, and County grant proposal priorities to allocate funding.

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