Within the next 10-12 years 47% of jobs and workforce tasks are projected to be automated. Subsequently without intentional intervention, will yield an unemployment rate 5 times worse than the Great Depression. The impending consequences of climate change will affect everyone, regardless of class, race, geography, age, or industry.  However, under-served populations will be disproportionately burdened by the disruptions which will exacerbate social inequalities and compound the barriers to a decent standard of living. 
Cross-sector consortiums consisting of governance, employers, human support service providers and other germane stakeholders must optimize their effectiveness during the window of opportunity to mitigate the impact of global economic changes (e.g. automation and employment dislocation), shocks (e.g. consequences of climate change, recessions etcs.) and the competition landscape of a globalized economy.

What we do

We build a plan for future reality and emerging technological possibilities. Our climate, biodiversity and people conservation design fosters inclusive and people connected economies. Our works centers around five main services:

Inclusive Smart Resilient Urban Ecosystems

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is now living in towns and cities. The expansion of cities has the potential for further growth and poverty reduction across many emerging markets. However, cities must reckon with the changing nature of employment, identify viable industry sectors to strengthen their local GDP and optimize their role in cultivating a globally competitive labor force. Thus, we help cities build and sustain an urban economy that provides indiscriminate access to all citizens and withstand disruptive global forces.

Vibrant Neighborhood + Economy

We invest in community centered regeneration in order to create a locale whereby residents can eat, live, play, learn and work. Our goal is to ensure distressed communities and residents are able to successfully navigate the transition into the green and digital emerging economies caused by automation and climate change. We do this by deploying our patented redevelopment model for Opportunity Zones to guide the multiple spheres of development necessary to materialize real and sustained gains.

Urban Social Entrepreneurship Academy

We believe in the intrinsic value of all people. All people have inherent capacity and contributions for the well-being of our species, environment, and shared prosperity. As a result, our model of catalytic transformation of Opportunity Zones requires investment in the residents and their social ventures. Studies have demonstrated the contribution of urban social entrepreneurship in remedying social determinants, public health, supporting and sustaining urban redevelopment as well as cultivating a strong local community economy. Therefore, we support cross-sector governance consortiums design, build and sustain a pipeline which empowers the community to participate and engage in its own revitalization.

Smart Governance Tools: Increasing Social Impact

The challenges of the 21st century must be addressed in part by using data to gain a deeper understanding of trends and opportunities.  Our goal is to ensure the inclusive smart urban economy is constructed and maintained. The cross- sector governance consortium must be able to conveniently access implementation status,  be alerted to any challenges and understand the full  scope of the conditions in order to inform decision making. Thus, we design tools tailored specifically to the locale, project, goals and reporting metrics to ensure stakeholders may pivot and make sound decisions. 

Mission Aligned Financial Capacity

Our goal is to ensure that the client accesses critical resources in order to materialize the deliverables and achieve the goals embedded within the inclusive ecosystem transformation plan. Thus, we provide a portfolio of recommended mission aligned funding and capital. We connect the dots to applicable funding streams- philanthropic, government, and private investors equally committed to our client’s outcomes.

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