People + Planet > Profits

We amplify social good by aligning systems and eliminating problems of practice in order to actualize a world in which each and every person can navigate globally changing landscapes. Thus, we solve entities’ problems of practice in preparing Client Zero for the consequences of climate change and automation.

How We Do This:

We Build Ecosystems

We capacitate and transform communities which facilitate Client Zero’s access to a healthy ecosystem whereby people can access pathways to wellness, prosperity as well as acquire the resources necessary to navigate globally changing landscapes (automation and global warming).

We Build Consortiums

We support and facilitate cross sector partnership as well as design strategic implementation planning to guide shared goal(s) actualization.We lead with the consortium’s lifetime social, economic and location well-being in mind. Thus, our recommendations are distinct.

We Build People Capacity

We do not build people. We build processes, programs, systems and pathways which support and remove barriers to population’s natural ability to reach their fullest potential.

We Build Organizational Capacity

We support entities (i.e. corporate, government, human services, etc.) undergo a paradigm shift in its operations and organizational architecture in order to achieve goals and adequately respond to the needs of the Client Zero. Additionally, we identify and leverage applicable funding sources tailored to our clients’ problem of practice.

Why Our Work Is Important


Climate Change:

Client Sectors:

Entities (contracted clients) commission our work. However, Client Zero, for both GCD and our contracted clients are communities least able to access the American Dream. Therefore, we prioritize partnerships with socially conscious, civic minded and equity centered entities. We have partners in a variety of sectors, including the following:

  • Advocacy & Legislation Advisory
  • Housing & Land Use
  • Workforce Development
  • Education
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Program Design
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Project Management