Global Citizens Development is a transformation tank dedicated to addressing two global crises: automation and climate change as it pertains to the challenges faced by urban economies and populations least able to navigate the changing landscapes. Our work centers around four activities: co-designing, alongside community residents, holistic models for distressed communities; support & facilitate cross-sector governance alignment, implementation planning as well as fund development in service of locales’ (city, county or state) economic vitality; tool development and design to increase social impact; and urban entrepreneurship incubator in order to support inclusive innovation to empower communities to build wealth and jobs.

Building Resilient Neighborhood Economy + Connectivity

We invest in the voices of resilience and community centered regeneration to promote an ecosystem transformation to help communities successfully navigate the transition into the green and digital emerging economies caused by automation and climate change. We investigate the built environment and the populations’ quality of life, propose solutions to enhance the community’s ability to participate and contribute to the neighborhood and city economic vitality. We help communities prepare for shifting landscapes by optimizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, spatial development and human capacitation to ensure health, quality living, and well-being for all.

Building Inclusive Smart Urban Economies

We help cities build and sustain an inclusive smart urban economy that is climate change and automation resilient. By convening a cross sector governance consortium (CGC) we strive to understand the essence of the locale’s distinct North Star. We proceed by examining several layers of existing, desired and emergent land use, policies, programs, service models and initiatives in order to develop a comprehensive implementation plan as well as provide a sustainability portfolio. We don’t just make recommendations, perform analysis and project management the process. We identify and connect mission aligned investors and philanthropists in order to support the funding of our sustainability portfolio.  Additionally, we co-design a platform for cities to share best practices and accelerate social impact. 

Tool Design to Increase Social Impact

GCD believes that the economic challenges of 21st century must be addressed in part by using data to gain a deeper understanding of trends and opportunities. Our goal is to ensure the inclusive smart urban economy is constructed and maintained. The cross- sector governance consortium must be able to conveniently access implementation status, be alerted to any challenges and understand the full  scope of the conditions to inform decision making. Thus, we design tools tailored specifically to the locale, project, goals and reporting metrics to ensure stakeholders may pivot and make sound decisions.

Urban Social Entrepreneurship

We believe in the intrinsic value of all people. All people have inherent capacity and contributions for the well-being of our species, environment, and shared prosperity. With necessary supports, all individuals can steward their journey on a self-charted path of healing, success, and passion. As a result, our model of catalytic transformation of Opportunity Zones requires investment in the residents and social ventures. Studies have shown the impact of urban social entrepreneurship in relation to public health, urban redevelopment and community economies. Therefore, we support cross-sector governance consortiums design, build and sustain a pipeline which empowers community to participate and engage in its own revitalization.

Why We Exist

Our Purpose

We exist to assist in the mitigation of employment dislocation, climate change, and institutional boundaries that impact vulnerable communities.

Our Mission

We accelerate cross-sector partnerships to effectively provide services to citizens during the 4th industrial revolution and build climate-accountable environments for 22nd century futures.

Our Vision

Seamless, cross-sector cooperation to maximize partnership in order to create a world that gives every person an equal opportunity to live a healthy and meaningful life without barriers.

What We Value

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