Recent Projects

King County Point In Time Count
GCD provided Project Management support to the countywide Point-In-Time (PIT) count. The annual one-night count of homeless adults and youth, is an essential “snapshot” of how many people on a given night are experiencing homelessness and is utilized to inform county funding allocation, decision-making and the response to assure homelessness is a brief experience for all. Our services supported:  the coordination of donations, identification and finalization of strategic volunteer sites, volunteer recruitment, operational procedures and protocols, marketing and training.
African American Male Teacher Training Pipeline
In collaboration with Tacoma Alliance (Graduate Tacoma, Tacoma Community College, Tacoma Public School District), we are designing a Black Male Educator Pipeline pilot consisting of two tracts.
1) from paraprofessional to certified teacher and
2) non-degreed to paraprofessional
Additionally, we will cultivate a Tacoma ecosystem development and strengthening model (education stakeholders, community partners, human service providers and other germane stakeholders) in order to support Black male achievement in schools, workforce, leadership and civic engagement citywide. GCD will support fund development and program implementation.
Opportunity Youth and Comprehensive STEM-Socioemotional Health
Accelerated Credit Summer Academy
Collaborated with the Healthy and Housed Alliance, a regional alliance of seven community based organizations, to invest in the academic enrichment, youth workforce development and health equity holistic outcomes for Opportunity Youth and Families of South King County in order to avert recidivism, expand success & inclusive pathways for justice involved youth and young adults to reach their fullest potential.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) support is a lens we apply to all of our work. Additionally, we provide facilitated workshops, research and systems transformation counsel to organizations of all sizes and functions and sectors(e.g. education, government, non-profit, corporations). Our services span a continuum inclusive (but not limited to): equity centered mission, vision and value development support for new or pivoting entities; training and capacity building of staff and leadership cabinets; workshop and retreat facilitation as well as entire organizational redesign. We believe that change is hard. Often times our clients are committed to the realization that “something has to change” but may not possess the expertise to propose the “what” or the “how”. As a result, we start with an intricate baseline assessment and asset inventory mapping exercise administered to the team and the ecosystem. We assume the best and utilize the baseline assessment to create a distinct and differentiated approach informed by the priorities, will, skill, capacity, organizational operations and client goals to develop a road-map to goal achievement. We adhere to the principles of authentic community engagement to design pathways which allow entities and their clients to undergo reconciliation and build relationship equity. Our support is never severed. Our consultants all have lived experience and are committed to working alongside entities as they strive towards anti-racist systems, practices, policies or epistemologies.

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